"The relationship we have with Node4 is one of the best ones we have with a third party." Andrew Clark, IT Transition manager, Provident

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Your insurance business is evolving – gaining new customers, securing customer loyalty, expanding your products are your business goals. Yet is your IT holding you back?

The insurance industry today faces challenges on several fronts. Significant regulatory changes, increases in customer expectations, changing industry dynamics between underwriters, brokers and the customer, competitors have insured against unknown future and reduced time to market are just some of the factors that are increasing the demands made on insurance companies. Modernisation of legacy systems is today no longer a luxury and more a necessity for the industry whether that be with a pure cloud or a hybrid cloud approach. Our experience in the industry has enabled us to become an experienced pair of hands with Acturis where we can provide interconnection into one of the leading insurance software as a service platforms.

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Your customers have insured against an unknown future. Have you?

Your customers expect instant access to their policies and customer service, on the go and across all devices. Each moment of their experience needs to seamlessly bring together their data and requirements, linked across mobile, web, phone, or in person when visiting their broker. Protect yourself from risk. Ensure your IT software delivers seamless performance and certainty in outcomes, providing quality customer experience. Node4 can help.

Services we can offer to your business

  • Acturis: Provide interconnection into the software as a service platform
  • Design, host and manage your private cloud hosting
  • Create a hybrid cloud solution that is tailored to fit your specific business requirements
  • Archive as a service
  • Security assessment and monitoring

Provident Financial Group Case Study

Provident Financial used the move of its Bradford head office as an opportunity to reassess its IT infrastructure and decided to relocate its data centre, which was previously on site. Have a look at how Node4 took on this challenge.


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