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Driving transformation through digitalisation.
Insurers are focused on transforming their operations through digital technologies to drive new products and services, enhancing the customer experience and creating a competitive edge.



Enabling transformation of the healthcare industry.
Node4 assists its health clients in delivering excellent patient care, our ability to offer tight cyber security and immediate disaster recovery services that help us give our clients no disruption in their services.



Leveraging technology to achieve excellence.
Node4 helps its automotive clients to become digital organisations. As a result, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers benefit from increased productivity, greater flexibility and shorter times to market.


Further Insights

BMI Healthcare at TransformIT

BMI’s biggest driver is delivering excellent patient care, one aspect of which is to ensure a great patient journey. To achieve this, patients need to benefit from easy access to Consultants and seamless communication at every stage of their journey.

Provident Customer Story

Provident used the move of its Bradford head office as an opportunity to reassess its IT infrastructure and decided to relocate its data centre, which was previously on site. Have a look at how Node4 took on this challenge.

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