Vulnerability Testing

Identify issues and ensure your entire network is secure with a Vulnerability Test.

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How secure is secure?

Does your layered security overlap or are there gaps? How do you know it is efficient? Providing analysis from a vulnerability test either ratifies your strategy or highlights problems you were unaware of. Either way vulnerability testing provides valuable intelligence which can be used to harden current security policies or bolster compliance.

Full reporting on a range of security gaps, anomalies and issues

Spotting the issues is one thing, but reporting on them and assessing how to fix them is another.  Our experts provide context-focused reports on all elements of risks, and provides advice on securing your business, from device and application patching to port analysis.

Key Benefits to your business

  • Expert analysis of your current infrastructure.
  • Expose risks before they become liabilities.
  • Advice and full report from our security experts.

What happens after a Vulnerability Test?

At the heart of Node4 lies a 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) which detects and prevents cyber security breaches that happen within your organisation. Our SOC provides you with an enterprise-class security and fraud detection facility as an extension to your own IT department.

Check out the video to see just some of the insight our team of Security experts can offer you after a Vulnerability Test.

Download the Node4 SOC data sheet

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