Backup (BaaS)

Keep your data safe, secure and recoverable, with our independently tested back-up solutions.

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Anytime, anywhere backup solutions

Protect your critical business data with our secure, high-availability, UK cloud based backup solutions. Wherever your data files are, we can keep them safe within an off-site, secure data storage solution for your business.

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A comprehensive and easily accessible backup solution

The first step is understanding your requirements – where your data is, whether you need other continuity solutions, and if you have any archival compliancy needs. Then, we’ll use a suite of tools to replicate your data wherever it is, so that full restore can be achieved quickly and easily.

We provide Veeam backup for all our cloud customers and Veeam Cloud Connect for any business using Veeam wishing to back up into our cloud. For those wanting back up on remote and physical devices, we use NVault, which leverages Ahsay technology. NetApp customers can be assured that we follow best practice and adhere to uniform standards for service handling, security and technology, all certified by NetApp.

Added benefits for you

  • Easy to manage, control and restore your data from just one provider.
  • NetApp storage provides high-level security with AES 256 encryption keeping your confidential business information safe.
  • Pay-as-you-go payment models so you only pay for what you need.
  • Affordable with monthly opex payments, with caps if you wish.
  • All files and applications are securely backed up.
  • NVault self-service portal to allow management of storage, retention, retrieval, and budget.

N4Backup - Veeam Cloud Connect data sheet

N4Backup Veeam Cloud Connect solution enables businesses who already use the Veeam Backup and Recovery software to copy their backups to our data centre for offsite storage.

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N4BaaS - Office 365 backup data sheet

N4BaaS Office 365 Backup is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses using Office 365 to secure an independent backup of all Office 365 content to a Node4 Data Centre.

Download the data sheet

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