There’s a new WAN in town and it requires some serious consideration.

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Rapid and remote new site deployment

If your organisation operates from more than one site, is dynamic/growing fast, and is already on its journey towards using cloud-based applications, then SD-WAN may well be for you.

Simplified and centralised

SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN) offers many businesses some clear benefits over traditional WAN. It is the next generation in wide area networking and an important progression in the technology.

It simplifies operations, allows central management, rapid new site configuration and quicker application roll out. It could allow you to keep your team lean, improve performance and reduce OPEX costs at the same time as making the full use of your bandwidth.

It also offers a deeper view of the security status of your whole network, with next generation firewalling, allowing direct internet access for SaaS or cloud-based applications.

Added benefits to your business

  • Central management – roll out applications cheaply, easily and quickly with less opportunity for error and a leaner team.
  • Rapid and remote new site deployment – no need for engineers to travel to set up new or temporary sites.
  • Localised security – just one solution and full visibility of your network.
  • Ability to mix internet access and MPLS connections to drive cost and performance benefits.
  • Deep reporting and threat detection capabilities network-wide.
  • Layer 7 application traffic visibility and performance control using ‘quality of service’ features.
  • Simplified & centralised network policy configuration and management, plus standardised solutions at all locations either physical or virtual (private or public cloud)

SD-WAN Data Sheet

Managing private networks is a time consuming and complex task, but clearly a requirement for organisations wanting to guarantee application performance to their employees.

Download the data sheet

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